Introduction to Baby College

At the end of each week we send out a useful (we hope) handout to all the parents who came along to classes that week. I’ll try and summarize the most interesting bits each week here (and of course to find out more you could always come along to a class!)

Firstly let me introduce our classes…

Our Baby College classes are weekly, fun, nurturing developmental classes for babies and their parents. The aim is to give parents ideas how to play with and stimulate their baby at home, whilst helping them understand many aspects of their baby’s development. By promoting eye contact, sensory stimulation and an understanding of a child’s needs, the bond with a child will be reinforced.

At their core, Baby College classes are a total developmental work out for babies: physical, neurological, communication and cognitive. A series of repetitive, gentle physical exercises helps mature a baby’s balance system and replace infant reflexes. Language and communication skills are explored; music and listening are encouraged; as are fun sensory games such as the parachute play.

All of the topics we cover give general guidelines on what to expect at different ages and stages in a child’s development. We always stress that it is important to realize that all babies are unique. They will reach milestones at different ages according to their genetic make-up and also influenced by the environment you provide for them. The most that we can ever hope as parents is that our children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and perhaps even more importantly that we and they make the most of that journey and enjoy the time spent together.

Our aim is to help increase a parent’s confidence, provide interesting and insightful information, give you some good practical ideas for stimulation and age-appropriate activities and to have fun.



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