The Importance of Play

Having fun at Baby College

Baby College classes are all about having fun with your baby in class and learning fun games and activities to play at home.  But why is this so important for your baby’s development?

Playing with your young baby encourages a closer and more fun parent and baby relationship. For close attachment with your baby they need to know that they are cared for and loved and that their needs will be responded to and met.  Part of this for a baby is to have fun – we all learn through play and your little baby is no exception.

Games with your baby promote the gentle physical exercise essential in the development of your baby’s vestibular and the replacement of their infant reflexes.  Dancing around the kitchen will have you both spinning,  bouncing and laughing.

When you are playing with your baby you are also supporting your baby’s language development – whether you are singing a nursery rhyme or simply cooing and making faces at your baby you are promoting their understanding of language. Almost all the games and activities we use in our Baby College Infant classes are accompanied by a traditional nursery rhyme.



For older toddlers and children play helps them learn about the world around them in a safe environment. They learn how to interact with other children (taking turns, co-operation, sharing); role play lets them learn about the world they live in; physical play helps them stay fit and push their physical boundaries; expressive play (playing instruments or pots and pans) helps them build self-confidence by being able to express their emotions. All forms of play encourage the development of maths and language skills helping those budding young scientists or actors to emerge.

Providing your baby and young child with a stimulating environment will help them grow, learn and flourish.


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