Infant Reflexes

crawling baby squareIn our weekly classes we have a set of repetitive physical exercises to help your baby use up and replace their infant reflexes, the question is why…..?

Your baby is born with a set of reflexes which will ensure his survival during his time in the womb, the delivery process and those first few months of life. Reflexes such as the rooting and sucking reflexes will ensure that he feeds and thrives; others like the ATNR and Palmer Grasp reflex will help him develop his muscle tone so that he can control his own movements.

These reflexes, will over the early months, slowly burn out and be replaced with adult postural responses.  This is normally an automatic process but occasionally a reflex can be retained and this can hinder your baby’s normal neurological development.

Attending Baby College classes and practicing the simple exercises in class and at home can help prevent retention of these reflexes and give your baby his best start in life.


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