Language Development

Lisa & AlistairThe #Insight we are discussing at this week’s Baby College classes is all about your baby’s language development. We will be talking about the different steps that they take and how, as a parent, you can help them on their journey.

For tiny babies communication needs to concentrate on eye to eye (or face to face) contact.  This way even the youngest of babies can start to communicate with the world.  Babies love faces and every new parent knows that how easy it is to get lost gazing into the face of their new born baby.

When you are looking at your baby it encourages them to start to interact with you. They can lock eyes with you and start to imitate the facial expressions and sounds that you make.  Trying sticking your tongue out and see if they can copy you.

By week six you may experience that beautiful first smile from your baby and it is a moment that you will never forget!

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