Vestibular Development

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The vestibular system is responsible for: balance and equilibrium; coordination of eye and head movements; the development and maintenance of normal muscle tone and for coordinating both sides of the body together for activities including riding a bicycle, catching a ball, zipping a coat, or cutting with scissors.

It’s through a well-developed balance system that we are able to combat the forces of gravity and are able to sit up, hold our heads still, walk, run, jump and without which we would spend our days flopping helplessly on the floor like a jelly fish!

To help babies’ and young children’s balance develop simple movements which stimulate their vestibular are needed; it’s only through movement that a child’s balance will be developed to such a level that they are able to eventually sit still!.

Within our Baby College classes we have a specific set of exercises that we use to help stimulate your babies vestibular and in turn help mature her balance system





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