How to Encourage Your Baby’s Social Development

Baby College 0 (2)

Your baby’s social development starts from birth.  She is hard wired to make a connection with her carers in order to ensure her survival.

The youngest of babies will try to make eye contact and they certainly know how to cry to get your attention. Within a few months your baby will be smiling, giggling and cooing and be very happy in social occasions.

Your job as a parent is to help make your baby’s social development as successful as possible and this starts at birth and like your baby you are hard wired to do this too.

Natural, instinctive,  positive parenting means that you touch, hold, kiss and cuddle your baby; you spend hours looking into her eyes whilst you sing, talk and and smile with her; you respond to her cries giving her the love she wants when she needs it.  Your attention will help her feel valued and help her develop a strong sense of self worth and confidence.

Playing and having fun with your baby, taking her out to see the world around her and spending time with family and friends will help her to learn about the importance of social bonds outside of her close family unit and how to interact within the wider world.  Your support and love will help her feel secure in these new environments so that she will be happy to make new friends.  Babies learn through imitation so she will very quickly emulate your behavior!



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