Social Baby

Swing to say Hello

Baby College classes provide a safe and secure environment for babies to interact with each other and with the adults attending the classes.

Having fun, learning through play and understanding how to connect with other babies and children is very important to us at Baby College. This is because interacting and playing with both peers and adults presents an immense amount of learning opportunities for young children. Toddlers and infants reap the huge cognitive and emotional benefits of interacting with others. The right socially interactive environment will help children develop strong language skills, creativity, social intelligence, and confidence.

Learning new skills requires practice, trial, and error. Our classes provide a comfortable setting for children to experiment with and practice skills such as sharing, cooperation, taking turns, and showing respect for others. Our very first activity within the classes is our Hello Song where every baby and child is welcomed into the classes so that even the youngest attendees can start to learn about social interaction.  Never forget your tiny baby is a social animal: look how they lock eyes with you from day one and within weeks they are smiling and cooing, pulling very firmly on those parental heartstrings.

Understanding how to interact with their peers can often be quite confusing for young children.  It’s not until they are approaching the end of their time at Baby College that they start to develop empathy for others.  Sharing and taking turns are hard concepts to accept when you are two!

Fun time together

In our classes we really encourage parents to join in with all the activities and, not only is this fun for parents, it sets a good example to all the babies and children too. Parents are always present in the classes to gently encourage their children to take part in the activities but we are always conscious to allow children to take the activities at their own pace and that they are given time to explore their environment.  At Baby College we have ensured that our programme is closely aligned to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years  Foundation Stage 2017. The principle of each child being recognised as an individual is a key to the framework and it further encourages the development of a baby’s or young child’s  personal, social and emotional development.

“Isabelle starts full time school in September. She is definitely ready and is a lovely, inquisitive little girl. I believe the Baby College classes have contributed to her willingness to learn and the confidence to join in with other children.  

George and I are looking forward to starting the class in September.”

Marie, Isabelle (4) and George (10 months)

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