Infant Reflexes

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At it’s core Baby College is a parent and baby programme which concentrates on your baby’s correct neurological development. One of our main themes throughout the classes is the replacement of your baby’s infant (primitive) reflex with more adult responses.

What exactly does that mean?

All babies are born with a set of infant reflexes which help them survive their time in the womb, the birthing process and their first few months of life.  These reflexes help ensure their survival and then their subsequent development.

Babies have no control over their body’s movements so nature (and a millennia of evolution) have developed a system which overcomes this problem and that is a set of automatic inbuilt infant reflexes.

A seconds old baby stroked gently on the side of the face will turn, purse their lips and root for the breast (Rooting Reflex) and if that breast is placed in the baby’s mouth they will suck (Sucking Reflex).  These reflexes make sure that the baby can feed but the baby has no control over this action; if you stroke their check their head will turn and, initially, they can’t stop this from happening. As this action is performed over and over again the infant develops muscle control and is able to override this reflex and then eventually they can move their head and suck whenever they want to and not be controlled by their reflex.

It is this process of repetitive movements that help use up your baby’s infant reflexes and within our expertly designed Baby College classes we use a set of age appropriate specific exercises to ensure that this process happen.

Why is it Important?

It is essential that for normal neurological development to happen a baby must use up and replace its infant reflexes at the appropriate time.  This is normally a natural process but it is not always automatic and retention of these primitive reflex can hinder correct development and can be linked to learning problems later in childhood.

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We use many different exercises throughout all our age groups to help ensure that the reflexes are used up and reduce down potential problems.  The key to this process is movement and we incorporate lots of fun movement activities in all our classes.

For more information come and try a class near you





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