The Joys of being a Baby College Teacher

Parachute fun
playing peek a boo under the parachute

The spring term at Baby College is coming to an end and we hope that all our customers have had as much fun as we have.

Baby College is growing and new franchisees opened their classes in January in Colchester, Derby and East Nottinghamshire. Aready the new franchisees are building up a loyal fan base and fantastic reviews:

“I can’t recommend it strongly enough…so insightful. Excellent hints and tips… Rebecca was a teacher and she now uses her skills and knowledge to help teach us about our babies! She is a mummy herself too so she completely understands if you need to sit out to feed, change or comfort your baby. This makes me feel much more relaxed especially as I did have to feed Poppy part way through the first class!” Sarah at #derbydaysout

Customers love it but what is it about Baby College that makes it such a good career choice?

Rebecca @babycollegederby says “I really love teaching Baby College classes, I love all the mums and the babies and I get a buzz at the end of every session.  It’s just a great work-life balance as well as being a lot of fun to do”

Rebecca and her demo doll, Peach, getting ready for class

Rebecca, who lives in Long Eaton, has a year-old baby daughter, Amelie, and is excited about her new venture.

“Baby College is addressing issues that I feel very passionate about,” says Rebecca, who began teaching Year 2’s but switched to foundation stage because she was more interested in working with a younger age group, “but even then, it’s often too late.” she explains. “We were seeing foundation stage pupils with lower and lower attainment levels, children who don’t know their own name, can’t sit still and listen, and have poor social skills.”

Rebecca became part of a team looking at what children need to be doing in the crucial first three years, part of a government implemented base line trial exploring age related expectations. Rebecca’s school was shown to be 50% below accepted levels, and, inspired by the studies carried out by teacher Paul Young, on ‘container babies’ who spend time in baby chairs and bouncers and are not given enough opportunity to move freely, she became fascinated by the importance of vestibular reflexes, for instance, which need to be stimulated before children start school.

Rebecca returned to school after maternity leave, but then saw an advertisement for a Baby College franchisee and the rest is history!

It’s not only Rebecca…

Vanessa, who runs Baby College classes in the Wokingham and Reading area, first discovered Baby College thirteen years ago when her eldest child was a baby. “I came along with my NCT group and fell in love with it, we had a really good time and enjoyed spending time together.”

Jumping forward ten years, Vanessa was looking to rejoin the workforce. She considered different franchise options and decided that Baby College was the one for her.

“I wanted a job that was flexible and fitted into family life… and it had to be something that I wanted to do. So, I thought why not Baby College, I loved coming along with my two boys so why not share my experiences with other parents!”

Now a well-established franchisee, Vanessa @babycollegewokingham, says “I love running Baby College classes, its so much fun and I sometimes forget that I am teaching and feel like I am just playing with the children and their parents!  Being a franchisee is so flexible: you can choose when and where you run the classes, which days of the week and how many”


If you are looking for a fun, flexible job which fits around your family, you are passionate about baby development, and would relish the challenge of running your own business, then being a Baby College franchisee could be the perfect move for you. For more information about becoming a Baby College franchisee have a look at our website


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