The Baby College Family

Happy mum and baby at Baby College

We all know that babies are not born with an instruction manual and bringing home your eagerly anticipated new-born can be both wonderful and terrifying.  All new parents have experienced that moment when they arrive home for the first time,  shut the front door and turn to each other and think “what do we do now?”

At Baby College we recognise the critical role parents play in their children’s lives and our carefully planned programme reflects this.  We make parents as much the focus of our classes as their babies so that we help reduce down this uncertainty and empower our customers to parent with knowledge and confidence.

Participant numbers within our classes are kept purposefully low so that our customers really get to know each other and that lifetime friendships can be formed.  Peer care and support throughout your child’s life can be key for your happiness.

Our classes are designed to increase parental knowledge through weekly insights into different aspects of your baby’s development.  Our research-based activities are practiced in class so that they can be replicated at home. This provides you, our parents, with a large variety of ways to actively stimulate and play with your baby and gives you the confidence to know that you are doing a wonderful job in this most vital of roles.

All our highly trained and dedicated Baby College teachers are here to help their parents.  They are always available to listen to any concerns you may have; answer any questions and give advice where possible or point you towards the most appropriate health professional if necessary.

Baby College teacher and child

We take our role as the Baby College Family very seriously and that’s why our customers return to us term after term, baby after baby.

“Thank you for helping guide, teach and entertain Theo and all us through your wonderful Baby College classes.  We’ll always remember you! From Lydia, Henry, Theo and all the grandparents”

You too can be part of the Baby College family…  book a class near you at


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