About Us, About Baby College

Bea and Donna

We are the two directors of Baby College UK based in Oxford. We’ve been running classes here for 13 years and in 2015 we expanded and launched as a national franchise. Our first franchisee is still with us running Baby College Bedford and has now been joined by 13 others including our first international Baby College in Johannesburg.  “We” is Bea and Donna, Oxford mums (or mumpreneurs if you want to be trendy).

We could give you a long description of Baby College here or you could have a quick look at http://www.babycollege.co.uk, Briefly though they are fun parent and baby development classes (with a bit of an emphasis on the parent bit). Our tagline “Inspiring Parents” (see what we’ve done with the in ‘spire’ ing there?) is an aim rather than a boast 😉

We’ve had some really heartwarming feedback over the last 13 years and some fantastic, loyal parents coming back with second, third and even fourth babies so it seems sensible to try and expand a little and inspire a few more parents in other parts of the UK and maybe even further afield.

Baby Plum


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